What to expect on days of service...
We take pride in our pricing and services being transparent and all inclusive which is why our standard service includes waste removal and haul away, sanitization and deodorizing treatment, and water bowl cleaning and refilling.

On the requested service days, one of our experienced and vetted Pet Waste Removal Professionals will arrive at your home in a marked vehicle and in uniform.

They will access your yard and start with any "regular" spots we were told about. After that they will walk the entire yard in a grid pattern scanning back and forth and all visible poop will be collected in our specially designed receptical lined with a clean biodegradable waste bag.

Then they will spray all the soiled areas with our special, environmentally and pet safe, sanitizer / deodorizer with a pump sprayer.

Once finished, the waste bag will be placed in another biodegradable bag, secured, and removed from the premesis. Unlike most of our competitors, we will never leave the poop bags at your house or charge you extra for hauling it away.

The Pet Waste Professional will then sanitize their equipment and shoes before leaving as to prevent any cross contamination from yard to yard.

They will take special care to ensure the gate is secured and even send you a picture of the secured gate if requested so you can rest assured your beloved pets are safe and sound where they are supposed to be.

Either way, you will get a text letting you know we are finished and look forward to next time.