Pet Waste Removal

At our core, we are pet waste removal professionals. While it may seem like a strange career choice, it is actually very satisfying knowing that we are saving countless people from the many serious consequences that can stem from dog owners not picking up after their pets. Sadly, over 40% of dog owners don't pick up after their dogs. While some argue it's like fertilizer (it's not), the truth is dog poop can pose a significant hazard. It carries parasites and bacteria that can leach into waterways or be carried into homes accidentally. It can carry hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms, transmit the parvovirus, Campylobacteriosis, E. Coli, and Salmonellosis. Really, pet waste removal is a much needed service and we take it very seriously.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Many Pet Waste Removal companies will charge extra for these services, but at So Cal Scoopers, we believe in providing their premium services as our standard. During every visit, our Pet Waste Removal Specialists will spray our specially formulated sanitization/deodorizer solution over all soiled areas ensuring your yard is clean and odor free for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Our special formula is completely safe and environmentally friendly, so there is no worry of any hazard to you, your foliage, or your pets. Many of our clients say this service alone is worth the cost and their neighbors agree.

Litter Box Swap

Now this service does cost a little bit extra, but is one of our most requested. We haven't forgotten about our feline friends. If you have cats and can't stand cleaning their litter boxes, we have the solution for you. For a small fee, you can simply leave the dirty litter box out, and we will replace it with a freshly cleaned litter box with fresh litter so all you have to do is bring it inside. We bring the soiled litter box back to our office, thoroughly clean, sanitize, deodorize, and refill it for the next client. Like everything else we do, our aim is to make our clients pet ownership experience as enjoyable and stress-free as humanly possible.

Pressure Washing

Say goodbye to stubborn urine stains and built-up debris with our professional pressure washing service. Our team of experts will use high-pressure water jets to remove years of grime from your outdoor surfaces, leaving them looking new again.